The melancholy and resolute pursuit of purple

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heard some non-savory comments from my family about my dear ball python so i was inspired to make some little psa’s about snakes!!! they are our scaly friends do not harm noodles
—> buy here as stickers or w/e you want!! also if you wanna use it on your blog feel free but pls credit me thank u \m/


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*Bored teenager voice*

You have nice manners for a thief … and a liar”


More unfitting than that color scheme? Picturing him as a whiny teenager ^_^

Duudeee i tried so hard to make this good, but the more i refined it the shiftier it got, so i took a couple steps back and just posted it.

I hope you like it anywayysss!!!! 

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They went out and bought floral clothing then went on a trip to the botanical garden. They were the center of attention from a lot of the elderly people there who thought the two looked absolutely precious. Marjorine totally offered to buy Kenny her floral shirt by the way. Here’s an early birthday gift, and I hope you have a good one kangaspark!  U v U -Mod Stormy

EEEeEEEE!!! That is precious ^_^

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