The melancholy and resolute pursuit of purple

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They went out and bought floral clothing then went on a trip to the botanical garden. They were the center of attention from a lot of the elderly people there who thought the two looked absolutely precious. Marjorine totally offered to buy Kenny her floral shirt by the way. Here’s an early birthday gift, and I hope you have a good one kangaspark!  U v U -Mod Stormy

EEEeEEEE!!! That is precious ^_^

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Hey there! So it has come to my notice that i have acquired some new followers lately! Hellow new followers!

And of course a big thankyou to all my older followers. for sticking around through all my absences and fandom jumping shenanigans.

Other than that i hope you all have a lovely day, and i’ll see you around!

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Counting 101 with hank green.



step one
step two
step three
step three
step six
step nince
step nine.5
step 10 through 800
step threeth
step thirty two
step thirty five
step ninty two
step sixty three
step negative 8
step 801
step 4
step 5
step 25
step step over 9000
step 83
step 84
step 6082
step 8 million
step 94
step 98
step 93
step 2
step firty toof

Sounds right to me…